Utility Installation:
Water & Sewer

From water main repairs to sewer replacements (sanitary & storm), Alcon has qualified staff to complete all tasks needed.

Site Excavation &
Road Preperation

Alcon has years of experience using heavy equipment and utilizes many union operators trained for fast and professional results.

Culvert Replacement

Large box culverts to small culverts, we have all the essential skills to complete these installations per specifications.



     The underground utility installers at Alcon know firsthand that dealing with underground utilities — that must function properly and remain structurally sound for decades — requires accuracy and precision, combined with state-of-the-art technology. Our services include storm and sanitary sewers, culverts and water mains.

     Any contractor can install underground utilities, but in order to stand the test of time underground utilities need to be installed with the laser accuracy required for a quality system. Alcon's state-of-the-art equipment and proven experience to handle any underground utility or drainage project enables our underground install experts to deliver exceptional results down to the smallest detail.

     Our experienced pipe crews have the expertise to install water mains of all types and sizes. Ranging from new construction to repairs of existing mains, we will get the job done correctly with minimal disruption to the water system. Sanitary sewers are a backbone of the society and are of upmost importance to the environment. Our gravity sewer portfolio includes new installation, septic tank elimination projects and new deep sewer construction. In addition, our crews have installed forces mains and lift stations as well as low-pressure sewer systems.

     To ensure the safety of the traveling public, roadway drainage is very important. As we construct new roadways it is also important to install new roadway drainage. Our storm sewer installation experience ranges from all types and sizes of storm sewers. With new storm water regulations taking place all around the country it is very important to keep up with changing designs. Our portfolio of projects includes the installation of hybrid ditches, infiltration basins along with complicated under drain systems.

     Precision craftsmanship and technical know-how serve as the standard for every project we complete. Our underground utilities installation crews bring a high level of professionalism, knowledge and experience to a wide variety of underground installation projects — including emergency municipal repairs, brick and sanitary sewer reconstruction, creek diversions, storm trap water detention systems, box culverts and wastewater treatment plants


      Alcon also utilizes our sister company, Ross Badger Services, for our trucking needs. Ross Badger Services offers it's customers truck rental and heavy equipment hauling services throughout Southern Minnesota, along with snow removal services for the Rochester, MN area. Our services include hourly truck rental which involves mostly aggregates and occasional concrete/typical overburden as well as heavy equipment hauling up to 110,000 lbs.  All rentals are supplied with experienced drivers who operate according to strict safety and regulatory guidelines. 



Year Established


Projects Completed




Ross Badger Services has capabilities for your heavy hauling needs up to 110,000 lbs.

All rentals are supplied with experienced drivers who operate according to strict safety and regulatory guidelines. Our staff is ready to handle all your needs whether it is a prevailing wage job or a temporary placement.

Quad Dump Truck rentals are available for aggregate and occasional concrete/typical overburden hauling.
We perform commercial snow removal for many locations in Rochester, MN - call us for a quote



For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 507-258-5287 or fill out the following form

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alconconst@outlook.com - general inquiries

ross@alconconstcorp.com - Ross Badger/president

tabatha@alconconstcorp.com - Tab Mercurio/office manager

lee@alconconstcorp.com - Lee Martinez/project manager

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